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The city of Mostar

From Evlija Čelebija, the Turkish military chroniclers and travel writer, and to the chance travelers and travel writers from the area of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, many have written about Mostar. With rare exceptions, almost everybody was writing about the city in superlatives. They all were fascinated with the amazing light spread over Mostar like a stunning paradise echo. There was also the irresistible call of the Neretva and the Radobolja and of course people of Mostar - always cheerful and ready for making jokes.

mostar old bridge mostar kujundziluk

They all were stunned by some strange call to return, an amazing image that remains indelible in one part of the brain.


Old and well-known Mostar poet, a poet of the rhapsodic Mostar, Aleksa Šantić, according to the stories of his contemporaries, liked walking along the shores of the Radobolja. In these moments of relaxation and rest, he probably was looking for the inspiration for his extraordinary love and patriotic poems and elegies. In his poems, Mostar had really been celebrated in every respect. Mostar and its people like and respect him very much. In his poems, they recognize their alleys, the Radobolja, Mostar, and many of them have realized that the poet’s words are actually immortal.

In the area of Mostar, there are numerous resorts and tourist attractions such as Blagaj, Buna, Pocitelj, Medjugorje, Mogorjelo, Zitomislici, Stolac, Ruiste. It is worth mentioning and rafting on the river Neretva in Konjic, located less than an hour drive from Mostar.

Sights that we strongly recommend that you visit during your stay in Mostar are:
The oldest arch bridge in Mostar - Bridge "Kriva Ćuprija" on the River Radobolja, Old Town - Kujundziluk, "Biscevic house" (corner), "Kajtaz House", National Monument "Muslibegovic house" and a number of religious buildings (mosques and Orthodox and Catholic churches).